How to

How to

Welcome to a new easier experience in booking your holiday in beautiful Spain, with


To book a property

  • 1. Search by - Town, area, region or property name, arrival date, duration, number of guests
  • 2. Click go - This will show the available properties in the area and dates chosen
  • 3. If you you are happy with your chosen property dates and price; click BOOK NOW.The booking process begins

If you wish to change the period you have chosen:

When you have selected the property you like, you can change the arrival date and the duration.

  • 1. If it is in the same month click on the date you require (if it’s available) and if you want to change the number of nights, you can change that by clicking on the arrow at duration.
  • 2. If you require a different month Click on the small arrows on each side of the month and if the property is available make your choice of dates

Advanced search

  • 1. If you require specific facilities in your property please click on advanced search
  • 2. Click the facilities you want in the property – Try to limit your search to only essential facilities - Take care not use too many that might limit the number of results.
  • 3. Once you you are happy with your chosen property; click BOOK NOW. The booking process begins